Unusual lives require a different sort of health insurance. MarineSure is a custom built solution specifically for professionals who live and work on the water.

We offer three levels of cover for groups of marine professionals and seafarers. You can compare these below. 

Your well-being at heart. ®

Channels Essential

Our Channels Essential plan covers maritime and marine professionals with all the core protection they need while working at sea, including hospitalisation, outpatient and wellness and routine services.

Channels Complete

Channels Complete health plan provides you with all the core care you need, while also including maternity benefits for those that want additional protection like pregnancy and newborn cover.

Channels Premier

Channels Premier gives you the most complete and benefit rich protection imaginable. This plan delivers fully comprehensive health benefits and ensures that you have access to the best care worldwide.

Main benefitsChannels EssentialChannels CompleteChannels Premier
AccommodationSemi-Private RoomSemi-Private RoomPrivate room
Hospitalisation benefits
Outpatient benefits
Wellness and routine services
Maternity and newborn cover
Medical concierge services
Complementary medicine

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